Of the newspapers' visitors, 95% does not subscribe.
At the same time, 80% are willing to unlock an article for a small sum.
Unseald payment solution
That's why we started Unseald. With our product, you can offer article purchases for a one-time sum.

How does Unseald work?


Readers come to subscription article

Our product is implemented as an alternative to subscription to unlock an article.

Choose payment method and purchase the article

Payment options:
Mastercard märke. Visa märke.Swish märke. Mobile pay märke. Apple pay märke.Google pay märke.

Unlocks and reads the article

Quick and easy!
A mobile with a locked article that can be unlocked with unsealdA mobile phone making a payment of an articleA mobile with an unlocked article on a website

More insights and knowledge about the readers with our dashboard

With the dashboard, you get to know your readers and what they are interested in. An ultimate tool to stay constantly updated and shape content that engages.

Trending content

Enhance your knowledge about the readers and which articles they are most interested in

Unique readers

Identify how many unique readers you have

Number of unlocks

Get statistics on how many unlocks readers make of each article

And much more…

Revenue, conversion rate, purchase history, and a lot of other metrics

Illustration of content in Quiqlys dashboard.

What our partners say

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“We are very pleased with our collaboration with Unseald. Starting to sell separate items produced surprisingly good results. We believe it will generate more paying subscribers.”

Profilbild Ahlbin Gustafsson, VD & Chefredaktör Lysekilsposten.

Ahlbin Gustafsson

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Lysekilsposten

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"Unseald's product delivered results beyond expectations!"

Profilbild Patrik Ekblom, VD Nya Åland.

Patrik Ekblom

CEO, Nya Åland

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"The implementation was smooth and we are very pleased with the sales."

Profilbild Stefan Pettersson, VD & Chefredaktör Norra Halland.

Stefan Pettersson

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Norra Halland

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About us

With a strong belief that journalism should be accessible to everyone, we founded Unseald. A significant portion of the market remains excluded, unable to partake in quality journalism despite the presence of high incentives. Unseald simplifies the process of accessing digital news, making it more convenient for individuals.

Unseald enables newspapers to reach new readers who have an interest in their content but are reluctant to initiate a subscription. Furthermore, we capture the behavior patterns of the new generation and turn them into active readers.

With a few simple clicks for both parties, we lay the foundation for a long-term relationship and provide newspapers with an additional source of income. Simultaneously, readers gain access to journalism without any commitment.

Do you also want to get Unseald?

Contact us today to start using Unseald and take your  journalism to the next level. Book a meeting or email us for more information!

A mobile and a computer displaying unsealds product


What is Unseald?

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With Unseald, consumers can buy articles directly, without having a subscription to the magazine.

Does the reader need an account at Unseald?

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No, the reader can make a purchase without having an account at Unseald.

Does it only work on articles?

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Unseald can, in addition to articles, also enable the purchase of other digital media. Only you set limits!

How does the implementation work?

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We implement Unseald with one line of code, which does not weigh down your site. Simple and fast.

Is Unseald compatible with our CMS?

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Yes, Unseald works regardless of which CMS you have!